About Me

👋 My name is Matteo and this is my blog, I’m a Senior Software engineer wiht no particular important qualifications, I don’t have a CS degree and I’m not particularly bright, I am however stubborn as hell and when I set a goal to myself I stop at nothing to achieve it!

Bit of background (just a bit I promise)

I was born and raised in northen Italy, at uni I “studied” accountancy but a couple of years in I deciced it was not my thing so I started learning about Web development, after a bit of practice I got a job in the UK, I spend a year in Banbury (Oxfordshire) working for a digital agency working wiht some big European Projects as well as local clients, I then moved to London where I worked for a year and a bit in another digital agency working in the theare sector.

After that I spent a year in Dubai working on an e-commerce platform, there I met some incredible people and learnt a ton of cool stuff, I was also working in every single part of the stack, Frontend, Backend and Ops, and I found out that I really like being a FullStack developer, I can look after the different aspects of any given app even without being an expert on any particular field.

I moved back to London, my last gig was as Skyscanner where I worked for a year on the Open Source design system Backpack and I started having appreciation for good design and User Experience as well as learning how to work in a company with 1000+ people.

My current job is with a start up called Let’s do this.

Why should you read anything I write?

One of the things that I learnt in my carrer is to make people undestraning the “why”, from the very famous Simon Sinek, starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” is how you make sure you’re sending the correct message across, an this is exactly what I’m aiming to do with my posts, talking about a particular bit of technology, a tutoria or a simple opinion tackling why that’s worth reading, moving than on to how and what.

As I mentioned I’m not particulartly bright, so to learn and undestrand something I had to bang my head against a wall more times than I can count, so, to make the live of the next person better I’ll try to share as much of my learning as possible so if anybody is in my very same situation migth be easier for him/her, on top of that I love Open Source so everyhing will be released under the MIT license 🙌

Last but not least I have 2 super powers, typos and gif, I can always find an appropriate hilarius gif for any given situation and my typos are making things so much better.